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This blog is aimed at helping people all over the world to learn 

the highest level of ethical marketing skills so they can work from anywhere 

they want while having credentials to attract employers or clients.

Learn all about marketing and how to launch or scale a business using TheGoodwinMethod™; the most effective marketing formula available.

Completing our apprentice program not only gives you the most prestigious marketing credentials available, but also allows you to start earning money through out system.

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Jennifer Goodwin

Jennifer Goodwin

Marketing Mentor

About the Founder & The Method

The Goodwin Method™ was founded by American Business Consultant Jennifer Goodwin over the past two decades and has become the most ethical marketing framework for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Her method is helping entrepreneurs all over the world to get their message out to help others.

Eli Fuentes

Eli Fuentes

“Jennifer is one of my mentors and she is incredibly detailed, professional, and efficient. She has more than just passion when it comes to marketing and systematization, she is an absolute treasure when it comes to making sense of marketing and marketing strategies. I look forward to learning as much as possible from her to serve my clients on a much higher level. Her Goodwin Method should be a standard in the marketing world.”

Tiffany May

Tiffany May

“Jennifer is a great leader and her experience with building out a viable marketing program to help me build up my business was an incredible journey. Her knowledge of today’s digital frontier and insight is impressive. I felt secure in the fact I hired the right person to partner with to build my digital footprints and have been pleased with the on-going support to scale my business as it grows. I highly recommend TheGoodwinMethod™ for those new to the on-line field or those needing a little more jetfuel to their existing business.”