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Project Type: Client had outdated technology and many sites/areas around the web with information all over the place. IGF Status: IGF created a new site for client to manage with SEO and started mapping out the migration of all information into one place. Client Status: Client continues to trade services with IGF in exchange for […]

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Project Type: Client brought outdated side without SEO to IGF for upgrades. Client was a victim of black hat tactics and lost all page rank due to failing backlinks. IGF Status: IGF started to work through the 12 stages of Internet Marketing and coach client on Organic content to create leads. Client Status: Client will […]

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SRT Weapons Training

Project Type: Client needed a new site with SEO to manage on his own IGF Status: IGF Trained Steve on how to manage the 12 Stages of Internet Marketing with his team after working with IGF on Stages 1-4. Client Status: Client continues to manage his Internet Marketing and has increased followers dramatically since working […]

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Project Type: Author, Speaker & Business Coach, Darcy Eikenberg, retained IGF in 2011 to manage her website, internet marketing and SEO. RedCapeRevolution has consistently increased visitors and rankings via Organic SEO over the past 3 years with IGF. IGF & Client Status: Continues to manage or consult on client’s website and marketing  

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Jacksonville Port (Programming Team)

Project Type: Create new website for the Port of Jacksonville IGF Status: IGF’s Programmers (SGI) were contracted to build the site. IGF was NOT contracted to provide any SEO or other stages of internet marketing. Client Status: Site built.  

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National Training Inc.

Project type: 37 year old educational company with outdated html sites and zero SEO was the victim of black hat SEO tactics and no Organic or Paid SEO was in place. New site required with SEO and all protocol for Sales Manager requested. IGF Status: Stage 1: Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis Stage 2: Website […]

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Project Type: Old website missing SEO converted to new SEO rich website Status: NJFitMama’s CEO, Keri Elkin, was a student of IGF’s internet marketing school and graduated with our first class.  Since then, she has worked side by side with IGF’s apprentive team to achieve a site that is user friendly and gaining traction in the search […]

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Story Tree Inc.

Project Type: Startup of Online Social Media Site for Story Writing Status: IGF was hired to create a quick mock site for the client so they could source funding and investors to continue the project. Client hasn’t paid the final 50% of $500 and hasn’t kept up the initial site that we made live in […]

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