Business Depression: IT’S REAL AND IT SUCKS.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you have experienced business depression at least once. It’s that feeling of dread you get when you don’t know which direction to go in.That wondering if you are even worthy of moving forward.Cringing at the thought of your peers seeing your stuff and if they do, what will they […]

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Organic Traffic With SEO Wireframes

In the 5 phases of internet marketing, getting organic traffic with seo wireframes is part of Phase 2: Planning. An SEO wireframe is a spreadsheet (the wireframe) with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built into it BEFORE ever building a website or anything that touches the web. If you plan to make money online, you better […]

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How To Setup A Home Studio For Video

In this article, I’m going to show you How To Setup A Home Studio For Video or Live streaming or even just taking pictures (AKA selfies). One of the most important items you can purchase is the RIGHT ring light. I wanted one that has: A dimmer to control the light strength Color Temperature: 5600 Kelvin […]

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How To Get Admin Access To Your Facebook Page

In this post, I will explain How To Get Admin Access To Your Facebook Page. Step 1: Gather all the required documentation listed below. Step 2: Contact Facebook AD Support and open an Admin Dispute. THIS WAS TOLD TO ME DIRECTLY FROM FACEBOOK: Facebook typically does not resolve admin disputes. We recommend that you first reach […]

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How to Add Someone as a FB AD Account Manager

This is the protocol for adding a PERSON (not a client) as a FB AD Manager. SCENARIO 1: Adding newly hired FB AD Managers to your Agency’s Business Manager Accounts. Step 1:  Log into your business manager: Go to Business Settings → All Tools → Settings → Business Settings Click on PEOPLE (which is […]

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WordPress Settings Checklist for Installation

Use this WordPress Settings Checklist to get your site configured properly for maximum conversions and readability! JEN’S PREFERENCE: Under Settings, Turn OFF “Organize my uploads into month and year-based folders” SEO: Install and configure the Yoast SEO Plugin Set Site Title and Tagline Under Settings > General. Add SEO page title, page description and focus […]

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