In WordPress terminology, a ping = “this site has new content” notification that invites search engine robots (aka spiders) to visit your new blog content.

When new pages and posts are created it may take days or weeks for that new URL to be indexed by the search engines. To speed this up, WordPress has a feature where you can add a list of update/ping servers to notify when you post new content. You add these here: WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Writing.

Here is a list of 75 WordPress Ping Servers to add to your WordPress Ping List.

Copy and past the list below: (feel free to leave a comment for us to update this list with your findings)

Indexing your site properly is one of the most important steps that your internet marketing service can do for you as a client. If a URL isn’t indexed with the search engines, it will never be shown in the search engine results page. Not adding quality content and properly optimizing it for search engines means that you could be missing out on some big traffic. Even worse, that traffic could be going to your competitors.

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