Whenever you are working on images for a project, you usually have a few things that you just need to get done quickly such as:

  • Remove background
  • Save as png
  • Crop image into a circle
  • Add image to book cover
  • 3d image creator
  • Crop image at the same time

This video shows you a tool that does all of this so easily and much more! Over 200 features in one software.

Introducing the New Photo Studio App in Builderall


In this video we’re going to work with a new app on the dashboard that’s called the photo studio. So as you can see I’m logged in my dashboard I’m going to go to app and then I’m going to go all the way down to the bottom where it says photo editor area. And it has a lot of neat features that you can do. Before I get too deep into the photo studio I want to start with a different app.

Go into the design studio and we’re going to do something special with our Design Studio; go to design and then design studio and I’m going to work with this picture right here- it’s just a computer and I’m going to put a picture of one of my websites inside that computer. I’m just going to click on the computer and I took a picture of one of my website and I saved it onto my computer. So I’m just going to go to upload media and here’s my picture right here, this is the picture I’m going to use. So going to click it and then click open so there’s my picture. I have to kind of Center in a little bit so I can get the exact position. You can see where the red lines are; that’s everything that’s going to show on the computer. I’m going to just kind of rearrange it the way they exactly I want it and I once I get it that way I’m going to go to the done button and then I’m going to click the button.

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