WP Clone Not Working?

There are many people using WP Clone to clone a website using Godaddy hosting. We do it for clients all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t work and we pull too much hair out and hit stuff and then write protocol internally for our teams.  At some point someone says “hey, put that on the blog, I bet someone else is hitting things because WP Clone isn’t working.

Here is your WP Clone Godaddy

workaround for WordPress cloning. Enjoy!

Step 1. Login to the wordpress site that you want to make a copy of (source site).

Step 2. Install the WP Clone plugin on both the source site and the new destination site.

Step 3. In the source site, navigate to WP-Clone in the dashboard and click CREATE BACKUP.


Step 4. Using FTP, copy the newly created backup file from wp-content/uploads/wp-clone (from source site) to the same location (wp-content/uploads/wp-clone) on the destination site. So download from the source site’s folder to your desktop, then upload back up to the new site.

Step 5. Copy the backup url (right click works here) from the WP Clone plugin area of the source site and paste it into the destination WP Clone plugin where it says “restore from url”.

Step 6. Type over and replace the source domain name with the destination domain name in the url like pictured below.


Step 7. Click Restore

 If it didn’t work, I feel for ya. If it did, woohoo!

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