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In this video I’m going to show you how to add a Captcha to your email marketing forms and your contact for. As you can see I’m in the editor and I’m going to go to plus and then down to email mail form and I’m just going to click the very first form, and add that to my page. And I’m going to do is just some basic settings; I’m going to right click and go to configure and I’m going to just choose Tesla. You’re going to right click and change URL and I’m just going to keep everything as no action and click confirm confirm again then I’m going to right click and go to enable Captcha right here at bottom and I’m gonna check mark that. And watch what happens to my form. My form has changed now and it has the two fields for my scrubber list but it’s added a third field that allows the Captcha to happen. So I’m going to click save and then we’re going to check out the live site. I’m going to go to the live site now and do a refresh and this is my life size I’m going to put a name in there and an email and this is where I do the Captcha computer.

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