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In this video I’m going to show you how to set up your payment manager, so you can choose which payment processor you’re going to use for your website. I’m in the editor for my website and I’m going to choose the shopping bag and then I’m going to click payment manager. That opens up my payment manager where I’m going to set up my payment method. I’m going to go ahead and click on PayPal cause that’s the first one that I’m going to work with. While I’m working on this I’m going to change the name to reflect which PayPal account I want. I’m going to click the editor and I’m going to say “Shelly’s PayPal” and confirm and you can see I’ve changed the name of it. And now in this box all I need to do is add the actual email address of the PayPal account where I want to accept payment.

Once I put that in all I have to do is click save, and now I save that as a payment method and I can click close once that box pops up. Now I can have another one so I’m going to click Stripe and then click add and that allows me to add a stripe payment method. Go ahead and nickname it and click confirm and now I have a Stripe method and it gives me a link right here that I will have to add on to my stripe account. From there  I have to get my Stripe public key and my Stripe private key you’ll find those on the website under your account information and you’ll put that account information in there and you’ll be ready to accept payment with Stripe.

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