Builderall Transparent Checkout

In this video I’m going to show you how to set up a transparent checkout. What that means is you’re going to set up a check out that allows your customer to go entirely through the checkout process without ever leaving your page; so they don’t have to go to a separate page to put in all the information for whatever payment processor they’re using. It all happens on the same page, so go ahead and jump in and take a look real quick and then we’ll see how it works. So the first thing you see is I’m in the editor and I have a checkout page here with a product, and the checkout app and I’ve added that in. I’ve got my offer configure and this payment method does not work with PayPal so you have to use a different payment method than PayPal to be able to set up a transparent checkout.  We set up our payment method with Stripe, and now I’m going to allow it to be a transparent checkout. To set that up I’m going to right click and go to something bigger. Then on the left side of this box I’m going to scroll all the way down and I’m going to payment type and I’m going to choose transparent checkout; and then I’m going to click confirm and then I’m going to click save again.

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