Login Register Form Template for Your Website

In this video I’m going to show you how you can choose your template that you want to use for your login or registration form; for your membership site or for checkout. Go ahead and take a look at how we first add in our login form.  I’m going to go to plus and then I’m going to go to the button and right here I’m going to choose login button. That takes me to the available login button. I’m just going to choose the first one here and I’m going to click it and you’ll see that it added right here. Now I’m going to go ahead and right click and choose theme and here’s where you can choose the theme that you want to use for your login button. The first area you get to choose from is whether it’s dark or light, so I’m going to choose light and then I’m going to pick the theme pop up.  I’m going to go ahead and choose the first one there; so this is the pattern one then we’ve got another light one. You can see the login, sign up, and forgot password.We also have a dark one and we’ve got a dark grey. You can see all of them are a little bit different. That’s how you choose a theme for your for your Login / registration form, for your membership site or for your checkout for your website.

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