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In this video I’m going to show you how to remove a blog from your website in the Pixel Perfect Dragon Drop website builder. As you can see i’m in my editor and I already have my blog added to the website and I need to remove it but there’s a couple things I need to look at first. If I go into pages and then I look at my layout and look at the page that are inside the layout I can see that this page was just a Blog Page.

It is not the only page that I have available I need to make sure that the blog pages are not the only Pages. Because if they are the only page you won’t be able to delete the blog if you only have blog Pages available you need to create a blank page so that you can actually delete your blog. And you need to make sure that none of your blog Pages which are blue are designated as your homepage; if they are then you need to change your homepage to a page other than a Blog Page. We have plenty of available pages so I’m just going to go over here to the ]blog area. And i’m gonna click that blog And then I’m going to go to remove blog, and then I’m going to click confirm and it tells you that you’re going to have to reload the editor to complete the action from. I’m going to click confirm and now that I’ve done that, the blog is completely gone. So that’s how you remove from a website  in your Pixel Perfect Dragon Drop Website Builder.


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