In the 5 phases of internet marketing, getting organic traffic with seo wireframes is part of Phase 2: Planning.

An SEO wireframe is a spreadsheet (the wireframe) with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built into it BEFORE ever building a website or anything that touches the web.

If you plan to make money online, you better use the ONLY formula that actually works online: the complete one.

HowToGoVirtual (by 22 year industry expert Jennifer Goodwin) is spilling the beans on what the WHOLE picture looks like and not just the next shiny object.

Internet Marketing Formula Marketing Phase

Watch the video below to see how to build an SEO wireframe and why they are so important. Then grab a free copy of the same SEO wireframe that certified marketing agencies use for all of their high-paying clients!



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Jennifer Goodwin

Jennifer is a 22 year internet marketing expert. She can "Organize The Internet" in under 15 minutes to make sure that no one gets confused, overwhelmed or taken advantage of again. Join her free FB Group-->