February 23, 2015
WBO Dinner Meeting
at the University Club
1301 Riverplace Boulevard, 27th Floor
Jacksonville, Florida 332207

Note: Pre-networking WIB Committee meeting begins at 4:30 p.m.

Keynote Speaker:

Jennifer Goodwin, CEO

Topic: Cyber Security for You and Your Clients
The topic of Cyber Security is appearing daily in headlines. Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies alike have faced data breaches with massive financial implications. February’s WBO Dinner speaker is Jennifer Goodwin, CEO of IGF Team (part of JHG Industries, LLC), which provides Marketing, Software Development and Cyber Security solutions. IGF’s Web Marketing department provides businesses with services such as: Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Website Design, SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Video Distribution, Analytics etc.

The IGF Team has discovered that far too many small to mid size companies are ignoring the issue altogether. While many of these companies have public websites, private computer networks, email systems, and even point of sale (POS) systems, in many cases little or nothing is being done to ensure the security of these systems.

Insurance companies are beginning to require special riders to cover losses due to cyber breaches. In order to limit liability and to even qualify for these new insurance riders, it is necessary for businesses to show they have taken the necessary steps to test their systems for security risks and to mitigate the risks that are discovered. Miss Goodwin’s discussion will cover what steps a business can take and what types of risks they are facing.

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Jennifer Goodwin

Jennifer is a 22 year internet marketing expert. She can "Organize The Internet" in under 15 minutes to make sure that no one gets confused, overwhelmed or taken advantage of again. Join her free FB Group--> bit.ly/JensFreeGroup