Companies that will hire you to work at home

Companies that will hire you to work at home

Patrick Erwin, writer In the last few years, working from home has gone from being a rarity to a reality. With advances in technology, more people are able to link to work from their home computers or laptops. And as employees continue to crave...

Why You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant

MINDA ZETLIN, Co-author, ‘The Geek Gap’ Overwhelmed at the office? But not ready to hire new staff? A virtual assistant might be the solution. For small businesses that are drowning in paperwork or administrative tasks, the traditional choice has been to...

Forging A Future With Fewer Jobs

Mike Sacks, Huffington Post Host Whether you work from home or in an office, part-time or full-time, the 9 to 5 dynamic has evolved. Is an economic future with fewer jobs & fewer work hours inevitable? Read the full article here