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Can Bitcoin Create Freedom and Sovereignty?

 Can Bitcoin Create Freedom and Sovereignty? A podcast with Jason Rashidnia about Bitcoin for Sovereignty All right, welcome. So today’s guest is Jason Rashidnia. And for the past 10 years, Jason has been mastering leading edge technology and marketing tactics to help major companies grow exponentially, but only the ones that will save the […]

Jill Landrie Case Study

I’m always telling my friends that they can monetize any idea they have online! So a good friend, Jill, jumped into our weekly LIVE streaming so that we could build out her main website, her email platform, her first funnel, a freebie for lead attraction, her paid funnel for compensation and her brand board to make it all look tied together!

Her passion: Helping men and women and animals to get healthier using plant-based options.
Total time to launch her idea online: 5 days

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