Jill Landrie Case Study

I’m always telling my friends that they can monetize any idea they have online! So a good friend, Jill, jumped into our weekly LIVE streaming so that we could build out her main website, her email platform, her first funnel, a freebie for lead attraction, her paid funnel for compensation and her brand board to make it all look tied together!

Her passion: Helping men and women and animals to get healthier using plant-based options.
Total time to launch her idea online: 5 days


$8600, in 10 days w/one Marketing Challenge

So there we were, Jill & I, finishing up our work week on a Friday afternoon around 3pm CST. I blurted out “Why don’t we run a 5-Day Marketing Challenge next week starting on Monday?!?”

Jill: “Sure, let’s do it!”

At which point we Read more