DJ Pauly D Is Losing Money!

DJ Pauly D is losing money! (I love clickbait this time of year!)

Okay, okay, DJ Pauly D is making bank but he IS losing out on the multi-millions he can make if he did just 3 things.

#1 His existing fan base would grow by filling in the gaps he currently has.

#2 He could create 2-3 more revenue streams within the first 6 months.

I have to admit, he’s one of my favorite reality stars for 3 main reasons:

  1. funny as shit
  2. he has his head on straight
  3. he’s from my neck of the woods in New England

Unfortunately, my agency is only taking projects that save the world and growing night club royalty isn’t on the list of cures.

Damnit! I heart him in the most plutonic way!

So how could DJ Pauly D (real name Paul Delvecchio) add 2-3 income streams in the first 6 months? Keep reading…

It’s obvious by his website that he’s either a Do-It-Yourselfer or he hired Uncle Nino to do his site. Just kidding!

Most marketers have no clue what it takes to run a WHOLE marketing operation. That’s because most people in marketing are really freelancers. They are good at one or two things, but when it comes to overseeing 4000 pieces of a massive formula, they wing it.

Have no fear! TheGoodwinMethod™ is here!

First, his team should round out their Research which is Phase 1 of TMG™.

We can already tell that he has not done proper SEO as:

His logo image is named: djnewlogo.png instead of something keyword rich like: LasVegasDJ.png or AtlanticCityDJForHire.png pottential customers aren’t typing “new logo” into google. they would be typing in “Las Vegas DJ” or Atlantic City DJ For Hire. So the images should all reflect keywords.

Here is a video showing why it’s important to name images as keywords. Especially all the MERCH product images!


His page title and page description are missing from the website. This is unacceptable is he paid anyone money for marketing.

His menu navigation is completely out of order. MERCH  = Instant, Effortless Money and it has 5 pages before it…

Second, he needs to invest a little bit of time in Phase 2: Planning

This is where the keywords from the research phase would help determine his editorial calendar for the year which would bring in a TON of new audience members for the new products that DJ Pauly D would create in the first month.

Pauly should be monetizing what’s in that big freaky noggin of his. Taking his knowledge from the past 15 years and packaging it up into an Information Marketing funnel would easily create millions right out of the gate.

Product planning would include discussing his first new revenue stream: a low cost membership such as $7/month for certain “Pauly Perks”.

Do the math, you get 10,000 fans to join at $7/month that’s $70k/month on autopilot. And we all know that Pauly has more than 10k fans. At this point, if Mr. D is reading this, he’s doing ninja math…like the intelligent Rhode Islander he is.

A second source for another 7-figure revenue stream would be his “How To Become A Big DJ” course. It’s not as hard as you think. You teach wanna be DJ’s the basics like:

  • How a wedding DJ gig is different than a night club gig
  • How to get paid for travel time
  • Best leads for getting gigs

Then promote with easy to create freebies like: “DJ Gig Checklist” so they don’t forget their spare batteries while you grow your email list to market to future customers.

The course is easy math: Sell a $997 course to 1001 people and you’ve made another million dollars.

The software to host the course and landing pages is called Clickfunnels and you can click here for a 14-day trial.

The third stream of revenue is what we call “magic money” and it comes in without having to do ANYTHING at all. It’s called affiliate marketing and Pauly baby would include links inside his course to his favorite products like extension cords, batteries, booth lights etc.

Oh, and here’s a 4th revenue stream you chooch: Custom Pauly D DJ Booths on wheels….$10k and up… only 100 sales = another cool mill. Just don’t ask Mike to count all of the new money up for Phase 5 Reports.

Third, he needs to invest a little bit of time in Phase 3: Building

His site needs a tune up. It’s leaking money everywhere.

After fixing all of this as we explain in The Foundation Formula, Phase 4: Traffic would be producing all kinds of organic traffic for a few extra millions.

Welp, we can’t give all the goods away….unless we are at Bar A in Belmar. That’s a whole other story.

For anyone wondering how to monetize their ideas or passions, we cannot stress how important it is to understand the 5 phases of marketing before starting any one of them.

Learn Marketing in 5 Easy Steps!

Turn your passions into profits and open the revenue faucet with TheGoodwinMethod™ today.






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