So many people call themselves “marketers” online but the term caries zero weight in the industry.

Up until recently, the internet marketing industry, with regards to Agencies and Experts, had zero training, zero standards, zero ethics, and zero certifications of professionals.

The proper levels of Certified Marketing Professionals from entry level to expert professional is as follows:


  • C.M.V.A.A. (Certified Marketing Virtual Assistant Apprentice)
  • C.M.V.A  (Certified Marketing Virtual Assistant Graduate)


  • C.M.V.A. (C.M.V.A. + 2 years of experience in one subcontractor area such as graphic design, copy-writing, web designer etc. before applying for certifications below)


  • C.M.F.  – Certified Marketing Freelancer (C.M.V.A. + 2 years experience)
  • C.M.A.O.  – Certified Marketing Agency Owner (C.M.V.F. + agency training + agency testing)
  • C.M.W.L.P.  – Certified Marketing White Label Partner (C.M.A.O. + 5 years running an agency)
  • C.M.P.M.  – Certified Marketing Project Manager (C.M.A.O. + 5 years experience + project management testing)
  • C.M.A.  – Certified Marketing Architect (All prior training, testing + 10 years minimum experience)

The certifications are handled by The Wynner collaborative using The Wynners Way method, standards and ethics.

Here is an unofficial list of Digital Marketing Awards:

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