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Can Bitcoin Create Freedom and Sovereignty?

Can Bitcoin Create Freedom and Sovereignty?

A podcast with Jason Rashidnia about Bitcoin for Sovereignty

All right, welcome. So today’s guest is Jason Rashidnia. And for the past 10 years, Jason has been mastering leading edge technology and marketing tactics to help major companies grow exponentially, but only the ones that will save the world and the areas that he is passionate about, such as solar and digital assets and agriculture and other things. Basically, his mission is to elevate consciousness through energy, assets, and food, and I highly encourage you to follow all his awesomeness at Jason rush. Just like it sounds, I’ll spell it out in a minute. Just go to his website, drop your email on the homepage to get alerts about everything he is doing. Everything is teaching and sharing. Because this guy is one to watch, he is going to be helping to change the world with others like me. So again, the website is Jason So thanks for being here today, Jason. Awesome. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. Being on podcast, yeah. Alright, so we are going to get into what we’re talking about. Let’s talk about how this relates to everything that I’m always preaching with law common to i, which really comes down to a man or a woman realizing their sovereignty, which is so important right now. And sovereignty means freedom, it means to learn how to self govern, it’s the true freedom that we were given from God, it’s not man made. And it’s really about, you know, reaching that highest power of knowledge and authority and freedom that everybody’s seeking right now. So in many different ways, what you what you also talk about and teach people with owning assets, and the right to free energy is all about sovereignty and self governing. So tell me, tell me a little bit about you know, people know, in the in the law common to i in the sovereignty movement, that owning assets, they usually think of land, right, they think of, I need to own land, I need to own a house, I need to own some gold and silver, and whatever I own is my property. But things are changing in the world. And there’s, there’s new kinds of assets, right?

Jason Rashidnia 3:04
Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. Since since the, since Bitcoin has come into this world, it’s given power back to the people to be able to take control of their money, before we’ve been reliant on central banks, for them to tell us how to use our money, or to distribute it to us or whatever it is, but now we have the ability to essentially be our own bank and take control of that. Exchange.

Jennifer Goodwin 3:38
Okay, so the buzzwords that people have been hearing are de centralization. But so I want to explain to people or or get people to think about the problems we see in the world today are from the banking families, the elite families that invented banking invented credit, and really spread it around the whole world and the play that they use the game the the tactic was, if I can put my family Rothschild bank into this country, I can control all the people, and it was called the central bank, right? And so that’s how they corrupted the countries. That’s how they started enslaving the people. And so to counter that, some, some intelligent freedom thinking people on the planet said, Well, wait a minute, if we d centralize the opposite of of centralized, if we find a way to take the power away from the elites and the power, the power away from just the 510 1520 you know, limited number of banking families, and we give the power back to the people then that would be something called decentralized and that’s what the whole crypto world crypto asset, a lot of people call it cryptocurrency is based on is is shifting the power back to the People. So how does that actually work?

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Jason Rashidnia 5:05
I mean, not to get into the technicals. But the way we create value in this world is one thing. And one thing only, it’s scarcity. We, you know, we, for example, we know, a rough estimate of how much gold is out in the world. And what that does is it gives us a, an estimated value of what it’s worth what the market is willing to pay for an ounce of gold. I haven’t checked the current spot price of an ounce of gold, but usually it’s it’s around 1200 to 1500. So that’s based on the current public reserves that are given to the world to say, Hey, this is how much gold is out there. Right? So the market decides on the value of that. And same with lamps and with real estate.

Jennifer Goodwin 5:53
Same with cars. ticket on it, the value is increased, because we can only make so many of these and right.

Jason Rashidnia 5:59
And so when you have a limited supply of a commodity, it doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s corn, Cars Land, when you have a limited supply of these things,

Jennifer Goodwin 6:10
children, children, child trafficking, that’s why the price is so high. Yeah, because it’s hard. It’s hard. It’s hard to get a shot. I mean, let’s be real here, people. Exactly. So the limited supply increases the demand,

Jason Rashidnia 6:27
yeah, someone demand increases the value of an asset or a thing increases. Okay, so using Bitcoin as the example, there’s only 21 million Bitcoin that will ever exist mathematically, ever, ever. So the world cannot produce more of it. If right? If you compare that to the current economy with the dollar,

Jennifer Goodwin 6:47
or they just print it like it just keeps spitting more out,

Jason Rashidnia 6:51
you just keep spitting more out. So you what you’re doing is you’re devaluing the entire economy that’s built on the dollar, right, which is really what we call the Petro dollar. It’s tied to the oil and gas industry.

Jennifer Goodwin 7:01
It’s not even real money.

Jason Rashidnia 7:03
It’s not really real, because you can’t control it. It’s, it’s supply. It’s just uncontrolled. When when some big central bank guys says, Hey, we need more before some manufactured event in the world. They just keep printing it and that currently devalues what’s in your bank. Right now, if you’re holding dollars, every second they print those trillions. That dollar you’re holding loses its value at every second every trillion they print. So that’s why the these very smart, cyber security people that are anonymous, we don’t really know who they are they released the technology of Bitcoin because they realized that with scarcity creates value. So if you cannot print any more Bitcoin, right? You cannot devalue its current base.

Jennifer Goodwin 7:55
And again, back to the decentralization that most people don’t understand. It’s It’s It’s the banking families in the in the the powers that be can create fraud, they can hack stuff, they can change numbers, they can cook the books with, with decentralized crypto, you can’t cook the books, because there’s all these computers around the world that have to agree that this this thing, this transaction just happened. And if it doesn’t sync across the world across these, probably by now hundreds of 1000s of nodes or whatever they’re called, it sends up a red flag that this isn’t true. This isn’t factual isn’t real. So it’s it’s safety as well. It’s safety and truth.

Jason Rashidnia 8:43
Right? And it really comes down to math. Right? Everything is math based. So we go from zero we go from an what we were born into, which is a manufactured economy through just the whims of these banking families to now an economy or financial system that’s based on true math. That is a what we call a public ledger you can see everything that happens on it. There’s no hiding what happens on the blockchain or Bitcoin I love that and so that is the ultimate truth.

Jennifer Goodwin 9:18
Why these hackers say the futures open or the futures public the futures open, you can track every transaction that happens on Bitcoin with with the current system, can you go track with a white rock child does?

No, I think so. So he without jeopardizing your life without jeopardizing your life. So at the same time, like I can go and look up the public address of Mark Cuban’s Bitcoin holdings or his etherium Holdings, and I can see exactly how many assets he’s holding.

Jennifer Goodwin 9:50
So how Okay, so got it. Alright, if anyone wants to learn more about how the blockchain and crypto working go look at that. So how does this happen? Does this help a man or a woman be more free? Like, how do we how do we explain to them that holding some or or using the technology is actually because they’re doing this in country. So for example, the country that was doing so well in South America that went communist, what, 1012 years ago, and now they’re all poor and broke and the government is killing them and, and they’re turning to crypto the men and women, the citizens, I hate that word. Because it’s, it doesn’t mean you’re free. But the people that live in this country of Venezuela, are now turning to crypto and buying crypto as assets, not just a currency to get their freedom back. It’s like buying it’s, I guess it’s the equivalent of buying land you you hold an asset that’s going to increase in value.

Jason Rashidnia 10:52
Exactly, because God’s not making more land on Earth. So when you look at the Venezuelan economy, what they’ve done is they use now they’ve printed all this paper, it’s called Fiat, right? They printed all this paper, but it’s so devalued, that they wipe their asses with it, legitimately, they just throw it in trash, because you can’t do anything with this pile of paper sitting there, literally. And so with all that, like that’s what you see in the Venezuelan economy is happening to our dollar right now. It’s it is happening, the smart people are not holding their value in dollar anymore. They’re holding in hard assets, whether it’s land, real estate, or Bitcoin, because this, you can’t print more Bitcoin is there’s only a limited amount. And because of that over time, it’s what we call a deflationary currency. Over time, its value increases, because the supply decreases, so the demand increases. And it’s just an endless flywheel. And so we’re at this point, this precipice of 10 years since it dropped more, right? It’s dropped in 2009. Yeah, the white paper dropped in 2009 12 years ago. So roughly about 12 years now, I guess we’re the first transaction was the first transaction when they bought pizza in Jacksonville, Florida, that wasn’t the first transaction to be quite honest.

Well, you know, stuff that I saw, I was in the forum early on in 2011, when actually 2010, I was in the Bitcoin forum, when there was maybe a couple 100,000 people in the ecosystem. So I was very, very early. And with with that, I was able to understand the philosophy behind the people who added to the technology, the code, they were the developers, right. And so I was able to understand what got them to this. Like, why would they build this because there was nothing else out there that could protect value,

Jennifer Goodwin 12:47
right? So after this commercial break, let’s talk about why they built this and what our listeners can actually do right now, today, tomorrow this week for the next month for the rest of this year, to start increasing their freedom so we’ll be right back. And we’re back. So let’s talk about that. So why did so and so now what action can they take two for people that haven’t bought their first Bitcoin for people that have heard about other coins? Because there’s so many what what so if if if someone was sitting in front of you today and said great, I don’t know much about it, but I’m willing to you know, try anything right now because the world is shit right now and everything’s uncertain. I’ve got 100 bucks I’ve got 1000 bucks I’ve got 10,000 bucks whatever. box I say box frms fake rothchild paper money whatever. You what you see in our world, they call it fiat money, fake money. Cuz I have some fake money to throw around then should should should I sign up for one of your classes? Should I just go to Jason and drop off my email and you’ll get back to them like

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Jason Rashidnia 14:09
yeah, I mean, that’s the simplest way Yes. Because on my you know, when I when I share information, I’ll share that the different places you can go to secure your value. Okay, and that means either buying Bitcoin or buying my favorite which is tasers. And now not that’s a whole different conversation and we’re gonna get into it now.

Jennifer Goodwin 14:30
Right? Because we have stuff to talk about right food and energy and some of the other ways

Jason Rashidnia 14:35
right but Bitcoin currently just just hold some Bitcoin if you’re not just all if you’re not, if you don’t have skin in the game, and you have all your values sitting in Fiat, you are missing what’s available right now.

Jennifer Goodwin 14:49
Right, right, right. Okay, awesome. So I listened. I listened to this guy and you guys know I don’t I don’t go in 40 different directions. And I don’t Trust many people, especially after what I went through, so, I highly encourage you just just follow this guy, Jason rushett Oh, I spelled it wrong. Hold on. See, I didn’t have my glasses on. I keep spelling this wrong. And I think I’m doing it on purpose so that people really get how to how to how to get to your website. No worries. Shinya. It’s like rash ra sh etnia ID and I a well no, no, you’re fine. I have access to one of our audiences. Bitcoin is not private. Exactly. That’s the benefit government can see what you do with Bitcoin true. Well, yes, government can see everything you do if you’re on the Internet and on a cell phone and speaking out in public monero is private pirate pirate chain is private. True. Okay, so

Jason Rashidnia 15:52
sure. I mean, if you want to get into technicals Yes, Mineiro is private it is what is considered the private chain, right? Because it’s using what we call zero knowledge technology to encrypt your transactions. But that no other cryptocurrency outside of Bitcoin will exist without Bitcoin.

Jennifer Goodwin 16:12
Right? Okay. So every all the other currencies they’re called alt coins, CIT coins you know go We’ll call them secondary coins they came after right like broke was the original Pepsi was next or Pepsi? Whatever, whatever. Bitcoin was the original. All the other alt coins are traded upon the value of Bitcoin.

Jason Rashidnia 16:31
Yeah, so everything Garner’s its value from Bitcoin. So you have to focus on the what I call the Oji. Right, the original gangster so you know that no other cryptocurrency will advance without bitcoins advancement?

Jennifer Goodwin 16:46
Interesting. none, none? Zero. No, even when it says, you know, US tether, and all Yeah, based on a theory, but it’s still all based on

Jason Rashidnia 16:57
those are all scam, every single one is a scam. I’ll tell you why. Because they’re literally just copying and pasting bitcoins core technology, right, and then they’re rebranding it and selling you on their idea. copycats, but they will not exist or continue growing without the advancement of the core technology of Bitcoin.

Jennifer Goodwin 17:17
What I’ve what someone said to me. Well, we’ll speak to that in a second, we have another audience comment that we get all the time. But someone said to me that it really made sense. One of my very intelligent friends that’s been in the hacker community Good, good. And, you know, when black hat and white hat their whole lives, bitcoins, the original if worst case scenario is it becomes a collector’s item, like 100 year old, you know, Ford, it’s still always going to hold value. So I thought that was a great analogy for me. But one of our audience members is saying that I was told Bitcoin is part of the Cabal and is part of the child trafficking. I mean, isn’t everything.

Jason Rashidnia 17:59
You could say that with the dollar to the dollar is the most washed currency through businesses ever? Like it’s, it’s every single dollar has a little bit of cocaine on it. So you’re gonna tell me, you know, like, that’s any better

Jennifer Goodwin 18:14
dollars that were shipped over on the Red Cross ships? Yes.

Jason Rashidnia 18:16
So here’s the beautiful thing about Bitcoin because it is a public ledger, you can track everything. Yes, it’s public. I would rather it I hate to say it, I would rather the Cabal use Bitcoin so that we can follow them, we can follow their transactions, so that we can attach it to their identity later love. And that is the key. That is what makes it valuable,

Jennifer Goodwin 18:38
right? When people say, Oh, I have nothing to hide. Right, right. Great. Let’s put everything in the public.

Jason Rashidnia 18:43
Exactly. When it’s all public, math based public technology, you cannot deny that transaction happened, especially if you have those private keys. Right, right. So the only person who can move the Bitcoin is the person who holds those private keys, they control that account. So if you identify a child trafficking public address, great, now it gets recorded. Now it gets tracked, it gets analyzed, and it gets good and it gets sent to the authorities to keep tracking where the authorities We are the the sovereigns are the true authorities people like me, and women are correct she so sometimes she has to correct me because I’m still learning the big law, common law common stuff, and which is the most important Actually, I stopped a lot of things just to learn this category of knowledge. And, and within within that,

Jennifer Goodwin 19:41
go on

Jason Rashidnia 19:42
with that. Within within that, that goal here is to be as public as possible, so that we can track the nefarious people. Well, dollars. You can’t track them, right. They get shielded by corporate entities,

Jennifer Goodwin 19:57
right? Yeah, there’s no there’s no Online public accounting ledger for the dollar bills that that go through their private accounts. That’s why they set up all these secret trusts and they, you know, layers upon layers of privacy. So the other things that you wanted to share with people about true sovereignty and how to gain your freedom, besides crypto assets, you’re also involved in energy ventures and food, agriculture moving into the future. What are some other ways besides buying Bitcoin and holding some of that for the long term, and some other coins that are that are that you know, you love and you talk about when people go to your website and sign up? for free, and he’s not telling you anything? He’s just just sign up for his free infinite knowledge share? What are some of the other things you want to talk about? When it comes to? You know, so energy? This, this is an interesting one, because we’ve, we’ve any of us that have dabbled on on the rabbit holes in the conspiracy theorists, you know, we know there’s free energy in the world. But why do we have to pay an energy bill every month? What do you eat?

Jason Rashidnia 21:15
Well, you don’t necessarily have to, but that’s what you were taught to do. Right. So what I’ve been doing for the past four years now, I’ve been helping build solar companies, solar and battery companies consulting them on their growth strategy. And one of the strongest things that you can do to take back your sovereignty is by producing your own energy, solar on your roof, storing it in a battery, where you are not dependent on a grid, where somebody can just switch it off if they feel like they don’t like you. And taking back control of your energies is number one, right? Your production, your energy production. So want to do this right now. And number two is your food. Right? So right now you’re dependent on going to this grocery store, to buy, yeah,

I love Whole Foods,

Jason Rashidnia 22:05
I love Whole Foods. So don’t get me wrong. That’s you know, that’s the one of the only places I shop, though, the challenge is if you can’t control your own food production, you don’t know what you are eating. You don’t you don’t know, if you don’t know the farmer,

Jennifer Goodwin 22:20
you’re ingesting. And

Jason Rashidnia 22:22
if you don’t know the farmer, you don’t know the food, right. So if you are the farmer, you know what you did. And within that, you have the most nutrient rich, abundant food you can create. And inside of that ecosystem, like I work with agriculture experts who have developed systems where you can grow your own food for your family, a family of four or five, and produce your own food within a quarter of an acre of land.

Jennifer Goodwin 22:49
Okay, so I’m a, I’m a, I’m a black thumb, I kill everything green. Okay, so I can go get a house plant, or, you know, you buy the fresh basil in the pot at the grocery store, like I’m gonna grow this on my counter or outside or whatever. And I kill everything. Guys, so are you saying that there’s technology out there that I can take my back yard, front yard, side yard, whatever. And as an idiot, to growing stuff? I can just plug into something and start growing my own garden? Oh, yeah. There’s there’s, it’s not difficult.

Jason Rashidnia 23:28
I mean, it’s not difficult. It’s just a matter of being open to learning. Right, and being able to get access to the materials, the base materials. And so someone’s

Jennifer Goodwin 23:36
outlined it. Yes. There. I can follow it literally follow a blueprint that says do this. Buy this. Plant this water this? Yes. 100%. Awesome. And you’re gonna share that when when we sign up at your website?

Jason Rashidnia 23:50
Yeah, I can’t, I can’t share those systems. You know, actually, some of our private systems are under development right now. There are some other public systems I can share that are out there.

Jennifer Goodwin 23:59
And there’s some things we can’t tell people right now. that are going to be pretty cool. Yeah, I know what I’m hinting at. Yeah, you definitely want to be on on, you want to be on Jason’s list, that’s for sure. Okay. And that’s, that’s, you know, we need to focus on that too. We need to we need to grow our own food. We need to take control of our of our assets. What else? Is there anything else you want to is there? Do you guys have any questions in our audience that are listening because we love answering questions?

Jason Rashidnia 24:36
Yeah, please. If you have like a really complicated question, Are you confused? I’m happy to help.

Jennifer Goodwin 24:41
Yep. I love it. I love the whole you know, I started dabbling in, in Bitcoin in 2017. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I’ve made money without even knowing what I was doing. I always saw I always, always saw I didn’t make money. Did I increase the value of your? Yeah, yes. And supply. I always bought something and then sold as soon as it went up. And I was like looking back now I wish I never sold, I wish I never sold anything. I wish I invested it the way that they teach you to create a savings account for Christmas back in the day, they were like, open a Christmas savings account and just put $50 a week in. And then at the end, I wish I treated crypto like that and just put whatever I could whenever I could into it, and left it because so many things. Everything has been growing, growing, growing, growing exponentially. I mean, you don’t i don’t want to give financial advice here. But I’ve watched you know, things go 100% in a day or a week and it’s it’s insane. Even my mother’s like, can you buy this for me? I’m like, yeah, sure how much you want me to put in and I just put it away for it’s fabulous.

Jason Rashidnia 25:58
Well, one of those things is you don’t want to get caught up in those big spikes. That’s where you know, the the beginners get into a frenzy because they feel like you’re missing out FOMO right, they think it’s get rich quick, right? There’s there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. It’s all about understanding your marketplace, those spikes are just, it’s really just Bs, like, if you really track the public chain, and you can there’s what we call on chain analysis, or there’s entire companies all they do is focus on looking at these ones and zeros and tell you what’s happening. And if you can analyze these things and understand it, you realize most of this is just manufactured, right? And really what matters is understanding the technical term, which is the stock to flow ratio. Oh my god, but I’m not gonna get into that. Yeah, that’s right now that’s some high level financial advice and I’m learning sometimes. But any case it just comes down to supply and demand when supply is low demand goes high. It’s very basic economics. And yeah, I mean, like just to be on that on that point of a value transmission That’s right. That’s really what it is.

Jennifer Goodwin 27:09
What can people buy with Bitcoin? that’s a that’s a question I get all the time like Well, what do I do with it? You can essentially buy anything they pay me Yeah, you right? I mean, I have I have Bitcoin payments are on my websites 100% I’ll take Bitcoin all day. No. So many people our houses are for sale for Bitcoin and Yep. I mean, so many countries around the world. It’s It’s here. It’s not it’s not it’s not going away. It’s it. It’s it’s here it started probably before 2009 when it was well introduced, it was probably thought of and planned and tinkered with for the couple years even prior to that. So it’s, it’s, it’s reaching its mass was the word

Jason Rashidnia 28:01
matter, maturation, mass saturation. I’m not even yet. Not even Yes. saturate, saturate. No,

Jennifer Goodwin 28:08
it hasn’t hit saturation at

Jason Rashidnia 28:10
all. We’re still very early early, don’t feel like you’re missing out as an individual. Just because you don’t know it. But the information is out there and you have to be a desire to seek it. So right right now Bitcoin it’s still early, all the other things are really just a

Jennifer Goodwin 28:26
distraction. Because I still feel like I was playing with it when it was $3,000. Oh, yeah,

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Jason Rashidnia 28:33
I was I was in there when it was five cents. So let’s just chill out. You know, I could have been worth billions if I stayed on the path. In In any case, don’t feel like you’re missing out because it is still so early. Look at it this way. Africa does not have full internet yet. What? Yeah, South America doesn’t have full internet yet. It’s not considered I

Jennifer Goodwin 28:58
don’t have the wires in the ground was the wires have his cell phone,

Jason Rashidnia 29:01
which actually they skip that age of wires in the ground, and now they’re at the wireless stage, which is actually better. So within that, don’t feel like you’re missing out. It’s just the beginning, put in the 50 hours of knowledge seeking to really understand what you’re dealing with. And that’s the most important you are not missing anything just now that you’re here. You’ve become aware of it. 10 years ago when I was talking about Bitcoin, I have people laughing in my face, hysterically and now they’re taking your car and now they’re here begging me to help

Jennifer Goodwin 29:36
leading which is a legal term.

Jason Rashidnia 29:39
So with that I actually ignore most people because the way I talk about this stuff is goes way beyond most people’s head because they’re still just trying to understand Bitcoin versus all these other bullshit things. When I’m just like focused on Bitcoin only

Jennifer Goodwin 29:54
guessing says I can’t even afford one bitcoin and I suppose you can buy $100 worth If you don’t have to buy one whole Bitcoin, that’s that’s part of the MIS mis that’s part of the myth is that you have to buy a whole one now just buy $100 by 40, don’t buy $10 worth, buy whatever you want, or just keep buying more. So there’s, they’re broken down into units of satoshis. And you can buy small amounts of satoshis. Like it’s like $1 has pennies. A Bitcoin has satoshis. So you can buy a portion of a Bitcoin.

Jason Rashidnia 30:30
That’s how I started. That’s right. So one, there’s a movement going on called, we call it being a Satoshi millionaire. And let me look at the price now. Yeah. 1 million citizens

Jennifer Goodwin 30:44
in the studio today. 1 million satoshis. should equal I’ll tell you in just a second. Oh, I get it a Satoshi million are not what not 1 million US dollars, not 1 million US dollars holding millions a million satoshis and how many satoshis are in a Bitcoin

Jason Rashidnia 31:02
right now? 1 million satoshis is at this current moment? is equivalent to 2000? Nope. I’m sorry. $2,612? If that’s correct,

Jennifer Goodwin 31:20
because there’s 100 million satoshis in one bitcoin. So you don’t have to buy 100 million satoshis you could buy 105? Well, usually 500 I think is the is the, you know, threshold, you can buy 1000 satoshis. So that’s 100 times cheaper than then a whole Bitcoin. So anyway, you don’t have to have a lot of money. That’s the great thing about crypto and decentralized assets is there’s people all around the world in all these third world countries that, you know, we consider broke, some of them are some of them aren’t. But we’re getting in with a few dollars here and there and changing their life.

Jason Rashidnia 32:04
Let me actually correct myself 1 million satoshis. Now Now this is the equivalent of having cents over dollars. Right? Right. 1 million satoshis now is equivalent to $382. Okay, so we’re pushing the movement and the idea to own 1 million satoshis

Jennifer Goodwin 32:21
satoshis will be the new pennies or the new dollars.

Jason Rashidnia 32:26
So you’ve got to bridge the gap between what you think and dollars when you look at the store products you think in terms of dollars in the future. And even now we are in our economy and our world and the nerd world, right? And the geeky world we’re looking at things as how many satoshis is it? We talk in terms of SATs? How many SATs are there? And so that’s how we look at it I don’t think in terms of Fiat dollars anymore. It when when I want to purchase something, I think how many SATs am I spending? And within that you want to learn to preserve your SATs you want to stack set? Yes, it’s called we’ll call stacking SATs. And that’s just a term select

Jennifer Goodwin 33:08
as many satoshis as possible just keep collecting keep collecting keep collecting because there’s only a finite supply of

Jason Rashidnia 33:16
Bitcoin right? So only 21 million Bitcoin will ever exist and Bic one bitcoin is divisible down into infinity. So you can own point 0000001 finity

Jennifer Goodwin 33:29
Yeah, 100 million satoshis is one bitcoin. That’s not infinity. That’s finite.

Jason Rashidnia 33:33
It’s okay. Good point. Good point, it’s invisible. it’s divisible down to a certain amount of zeros right? So within that just think about it that way Don’t get too lost in one bitcoin is equivalent to whatever $40,000 right. It does not matter what’s equivalent to in terms of dollars anymore. Because in the future we’re going to think in sets we’re not going to think in dollars, right? I believe Bitcoin will become a national reserve currency as El Salvador just put it if you pay attention El Salvador the other day just announce publicly they are accepting Bitcoin as a reserve currency as a big freaking deal. Big deal.

Jennifer Goodwin 34:16
So the audience is asking what about the other cryptos Yeah, there there’s some really great cryptos now me in my in my newbie knowledge I I just stick with some of the more mainstream things because I don’t have enough knowledge on on on the the deep dive of information, I don’t read all the white papers. I just know how much it’s increased. So I just stick with some of the the main names but this is you know, this is you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone with everything that you’ve been taught by the Cabal your whole life. You have to be willing To embrace a new set of of tools that are out there, you have to be willing to research the knowledge and the information and say, You know what, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. So maybe we’re ready for a shift, maybe we’re ready for change, maybe things need to change, definitely things need to change for the better the world, the way it is now is shit. It’s, it’s fucking shit, man, we need to change stuff. And this, and the central banks and the in the the people who control the money. That’s one of the biggest things we have to change. So we, we want to share more of this information. So keep listening, keep joining. Again, I want to thank Jason for showing up today and sharing his knowledge. Just Just the easiest thing to do is go to Just right on his homepage, it’s a super simple explanation of who he is, I can vouch for who he is. And you can just pop your email address right into the homepage, and you will, you will get updates on everything that he’s involved in. He’s involved in some major solar projects, he’s that I can’t even talk about. He’s involved in bringing agriculture to to everyone’s home so they can grow their own food. I mean, he’s, he’s, he’s someone I look up to, in this world changing movement. And I don’t say that very often. So again, thank you, Jason. And is there anything else you want to say?

Jason Rashidnia 36:42
No, I really appreciate you having me on the show. And I’m happy to share anything, you know, anybody has questions, just just jump on the website and get on the list. And I’ll, I’ll share, you know, I’m an open book, I’ve got a whole list of resources for beginners to really kind of sink their teeth into. I’m glad to have jumped on here. Thank you, Jennifer. Again,

Jennifer Goodwin 37:25
thank you for stopping by. And I hope we can do this again. Absolutely whole talk to you all soon. Thank you.

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