Accepting CryptoCurrency in Business

My great friend Jill and I have completed 5 weeks of working together as of today.

  • It’s been glorious.
  • It’s gone by like a blink of an eye!
  • We have gotten SO MUCH ACCOMPLISHED!

We are launching 2 more sites for ourselves in addition to our friends’ projects:

TRUE LAW: is LIVE as our “law common to i” blog.

Common law is the hidden truth of natural law. God’s law is far more powerful than anything on earth. It stands above the legal system. It stands above the Supreme Court. Holding your own court as a man or woman and not as a title shuts down their court, their complaints, their fraud.

Policies, codes, statutes and legal fictions are not law and cannot be enforced on a man or woman. They can only be enforced on a title such as citizen, farmer, doctor, lawyer, teacher etc.

If you learn the difference between the two different courts and jurisdictions, you can shut down their game and literally change the world for the better.

Learn the true law today and save your family and save your money. Well, FRN’s, it’s not real money.
FRN = Federal Reserve Note. Promissory Note. I Owe You’s for real money which is Gold and Silver.

MARKETING: (coming next week) is going to host 25 years of my marketing knowledge, case studies, tips, tricks and of course it’s going to follow the 5-Phase formula of

It doesn’t matter if it’s a product, a service or just an idea…. TheGoodwinMethod turns on the money faucet time after time for every idea, skill, hobby, service, product, influencer etc.

~We completed a 5-Day challenge with our students where we made over $8600 in 10 days.
~We launched a professional organizer website for a friend:
~We launched 2 funnels for a credit repair professional so he can make money while he sleeps on autopilot.
~We handled two more strategy sessions so our students can get their ideas in order and launch!
~We started taking crypto currency as payment and just today got $5000 in coin payments!
~We added my friend Al’s CBD company to Jill’s offerings (site: ) as she is a plant medicine ninja!
~We added a free version of so you can send it to all your friends who are confused on what happened with the world over the past few thousand years to get us where we are today: enslaved.
~We updated all of our sites with our new customer service channel on Telegram.
~We hired and fired a few Virtual Assistants. (good help is hard to find!)
~We are so excited to move into next week and the week after that as so much goodness comes out of our efforts to help others learn and earn.
~We go live from our Zoom office most days of the week sharing exactly how we get our work done (
~And we chose a software that will create fabulous videos from our published blog posts like this one:


How cool is that?!? It takes your post, creates a video, matches the images and voila! More eyeballs!

Well, that’s our weekly Friday Recap…we will be sending our one-topic emails throughout the week as needed and do our best to recap everything on Friday for you in case you are as busy as we are…or as busy as a cat covering up sh*t…for the rednecks in my life 🙂

Virtually yours,

Jennifer & Jill


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