We all know that the internet is the first place we go to find information. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming with all the search options out there and all the incorrect results we have to sift through.

Funny thing: One of the biggest ways people find our site is typing in “internet girl”. Obviously, they are searching for something that we don’t offer.

Maybe we should add a champagne room after all!

Especially when it comes to job hunting or searching sites such as craigslist, monster, indeed etc because there are so many categories or filters to select.

This video tip will show you how to hone in on what you want to find using a simple search method that we use all the time in-house.




The steps are typed here again for you:

1. Go to the site you want to search

2. Navigate to the specific area you want to search within this site (in our video tutorial we used the New Jersey area of craigslist.com)

3. Copy the URL for that specific area (in our video tutorial we grabbed this part of the url: newjersey.craigslist.org)

4. Go to www.google.com (we provided a search bar for you to use below)

5. Enter in your job keywords. (in our video tutorial we used “medical billing”)

6. Add the specific site URL you want to focus on. (in our video tutorial we added “site:newjersey.craigslist.org’)

TIP: Go ahead and use the search bar here to search Google.com

7. Click SEARCH

TIP: Getting too many results? Add more keywords to narrow it down.

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