Everyone needs tools to be successful and at the very least, stay focused.

Feel free to use and change this to meet your entrepreneurial needs.

This is a copy of one of my first startup tools which I placed in my car, bathroom, work area etc so that I saw it and read it repeatedly.

I stored it in Google drive and edited as I needed and grew.



3 core values
Financial stability
Healthy work/life balance
Ability to do more for others

5 goals for 6-12 months
??k/month consistently
Build sales team
Build apprentice program
Get site redone with best conversion
Build video membership

Reason for the goals
Debt free
Take care of Mom
Take care of friends
Invent/Build more stuff

What to say no to
Dating people who are not aligned with my business
clients/projects that give me knots in my stomach
Alcohol & Caffeine
Bad food
Negative thoughts

What to say yes to
Sales people
Website sales
Help from people of influence
Money that comes my way

Make your detailed to do list
Listen to a business related audio daily
Gym/outdoor activity
Healthy food

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