What are backlinks? Backlinks are links that are out there on the web that point back to your site.

Why do you need them? Google and other search engines look at backlinks like votes.  The more links out there in the universe, the more likely that your site is a legitimate one because real people (webmasters back in the day) would have to place your link on their sites and therefore give your site a seal of approval. Of course this opened up the door for backlink software that would build backlinks for you.

If you have your website mentioned on a .gov or .edu site (government or education) Google will give THOSE links even more value and rank your page higher.

There is a lot to know about backlinking and you MUST do it ethically or you could be penalized for just throwing random links all over the web.  If you need help, let us know but in the meantime, here is a basic backlinking guide for you to understand how to create quality backlinks.

Once you’ve created your article, consider placing it on the following article sites:

You can also take advantage of an article submission service (automatic backlink software site)  so you can get mega back links and trickle-in traffic over time:

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