For those of you who don’t know about FREE press, let me take a moment explain it because HARO is one amazing FREE service which acts as a matchmaker to Journalists and experts.

YOU are the expert and journalists want to hear from people like you when writing their stories.  Sites like HARO gather thousands of journalists’ inquiries (queries) together in one place and sends them to thousands of expert subscribers like YOU!

What happens is magic!  Startups, moms, solopreneurs can become an overnight success simply by connecting with the right journalist at the right time and possibly becoming part of a HUGE media story!

Example: is a Virtual Assistant Firm.  Journalist Frank Rizzo is writing a story for CNN on Work From Home Opportunities. HARO sends out an email to all subscribers which includes Frank’s query and Jennifer (CEO of reads Franks info:

“Hi I’m Frank Rizzo and I’d like to hear from any virtual firms or work from home workers who have found success working outside of the corporate office.”

Jennifer shoots a quick email to Frank:

“Frank, I run a virtual assistant firm that has enjoyed great success over the past few years and we also team up with other work from home contractors who I would be happy to put you in touch with.  I can  provide any details you would like to know either via email or phone and let me know if I can provide some other names of clients or partners to help with your story.

>Jennifer Goodwin – CEO:

Jennifer has just put herself REALLY close to being quoted on CNN or


  • Only send one email

  • Keep it short, polite, clear and helpful (you are vying for their attention, not the other way around)

  • Include examples if they ask for them

  • Don’t let your email become a 100% sales pitch

  • Stand out; the journalist will get multiple “typical” responses

  • Give him/her something unique that others might not have thought of

  • Provide your contact info and BE READY when they call or email back; they are usually under tight deadlines and work at the speed of light

  • Send them a THANK YOU if they use your information

  • Request to be notified when your story hits so you can grab a copy and put it into your blog or marketing. (Some journalists are too busy for this but you can ask once and some will)

So hurry and sign up at HARO and tell them that internetGIRLfriday sent you!

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