To build your email list, you need traffic. The more, the better.

Email List Building 101
Create amazing email content: Your content needs to be remarkable if you want people to to forward it to their family, friends and colleagues that aren’t already on your list.

Undeniably magnetic offer: This is the freebie you are going to offer and you’d better make it good. Here are some ideas:

  • A Free ebook
  • FAQ’s based ebook
  • Checklists
  • Expert Answers From Your Colleagues turned into a pdf
  • Whitepapers
  • Recycle Your Update Out-of-Date Offers
  • Create a free, online tool or resource and have users sign up with their email address

Website Opt-in Form: Eye-catching, to the point, placed everywhere, but not annoying.

Different Lists, Different Content, Different Audeince: If you create multiple, targeted subscription types, you’ll increase the chance of visitors subscribing to one of them.

Web Pages

  • Link to offers that capture emails throughout your website
  • Don’t make people dig around
  • Include calls-to-action on almost every page
  • Keep your opt-in form visible and above the fold, if possible

Old Lists
Create an engaging opt-in message and send it to your old list encouraging contacts who wish to re-opt-in and promising to remove all contacts who don’t respond.


  • Host an online webinar and collect email addresses at registration.
  • Promote an online contest like a free giveaway, and have entrants sign up or submit with their email address.
  • Collect email addresses at offline events
  • Host your own offline, in-person events like meetups, conferences, educational panels etc. and collect registrations online using email addresses.


  • Add an email signup call-to-action as a custom tab on your Facebook page.
  • Promote one of your lead-gen offers on Twitter. Create a Twitter campaign to promote an offer like an ebook or a free resource to your followers that requires an email address to redeem.
  • Encourage your current email subscribers to share and forward your emails by including social sharing buttons and an “Email to a Friend” button so their networks, friends, and colleagues can sign up for your list.
  • Include a “Subscribe” link at the bottom of your emails so those receiving the forwarded emails can easily opt-in, too.
  • Use your Facebook business page to promote an offer that requires an email address submission. In addition to creating a tab dedicated to email sign up, promote offers in your timeline and encourage your leads to share and like your offers on Facebook by adding a social sharing button on your landing pages and thank-you pages.
  • Target offers redeemable using an email address on your LinkedIn Company Page or in appropriate and relevant LinkedIn groups, or recommend an offer as the answer to someone’s question in LinkedIn Answers.
  • Promote offers and email signup through your Google+ business page by making use of your Google+ updates and your Google+ about section.
  • Use Pinterest to promote offers that require email signup. Use images of covers of books or best free info to gather interest.
  • Leverage your company’s YouTube channel. Add calls-to-action and URLs at the end of the videos you upload to encourage people to subscribe to your list, and include links to relevant landing pages in your videos’ text descriptions.


  • Promote an ebook or relevant offer through an affiliate or partner email newsletter that targets a new but appropriate audience. This will give you access to a fresh subscriber base.
  • Your Thank You Page: Get a group of bloggers together and recommend subscribing to their lists in your Thank You page and they will do the same for you.
  • Run a promotion on a partner or affiliate website to collect email addresses from a fresh source.
  • Guest post: Write a blog post for someone else’s blog and include an opt-in link at the bottom or offer a freebie.
  • JV Giveaways: Basically, a JV giveaway is an event set up by several bloggers with an intention to build each other’s lists through leveraging their own lists and social networks.
  • Host a co-marketing webinar with a partner, and ask them to promote the registration to their audience.
  • Cross promotion: Approach other bloggers in your niche with similar size blogs and hopefully lists and agree to send an email to your list about their newsletter, if they do the same for you.
  • Product bonus: Find someone who sells a product, which compliments your freebie, and approach them about giving your freebie away with their product.
  • Affiliates: People will want to promote you if there is something in it for them.
  • Use co-registration service to build your list. Co-registration is a great way to build your email list. Your newsletter’s ad appears on other websites and their visitors are able to check your subscription box and become added to your list. A good co-registration service can be found at


  • Create a Google AdWords email capture ad (Note: This feature is still an AdWords experiment but is being implemented by a handful of companies), or simply leverage paid search ads to link to a landing page with and email sign-up.
  • Encourage prospects in a traditional marketing campaign, like direct mail, to opt in to receive email communications instead. Include a URL to an online signup, and allow readers to opt out of direct mail. You’ll even save some trees in the process!
  • Banner Advertising
  • Buy Ezine Solo Ads:In online marketing terms, ezine is a newsletter sent out to thousands of subscribers. You can choose to purchase an ad in those newsletters. However, the only ad really worth considering is what’s called a “solo ad”, which means that it will go out all on its own without any other content surrounding it.
  • Facebook Ads: it’s still fairly inexpensive (in the eyes of the beholder, of course), and it brings results.
  • is a paid service for people who are serious about building their lists and swapping with people who are legit. Safe Swaps is a community of over 6000 users who are all looking to find quality ad swaps. They also help to verify the size of the list a person claims to have, schedule ad swaps, as well as provides community feedback from people who have done previous ad swaps with that particular person. They have a number of different packages to choose from, but they do offer a money back guarantee, so I would highly recommend trying their service for a month and see the results you get.
  • Rent a list: Also working with a list provider, you identify a segment of people to email — but you never actually own the list. As such, you can’t see the email addresses of the people you’re emailing, so you must work with the provider to send out your email.

List Building Tools
(see our free tools & resources in the menu above)

MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet: Lets me strategically place my opt-in forms wherever I want to (I think they have about 8 different options, if not more), plus fills out the form automatically for readers.

Hello Bar: You can find it at

MaxBlogPress Banner Ads: This one is an even better option then Hello Bar, in my opinion.
It has MUCH more flexibility, can be displayed at the top or bottom and can show a different message, whether it be “subscribe to my newsletter” or your affiliate products, as you refresh a page. It’s also free and can be found here:

WordPress Plugins
List Eruption is a plugin that has been proven to increase your e-mail list by over 257%.
What Would Seth Godin Do Free plugin that allows you to display any message you want within a post. Wildly used on many blogs and can be found in your plugin directory.

Show an example issue to your visitors: This lets your potential subscribers review your newsletter before they sign up and determine if it is something they’d be interested in.

Include testimonials in your squeeze page: This is crucial. Put 1 or 2 strong testimonials from satisfied subscribers on your squeeze page. This can be in any format, but you may find that multimedia (audio or video social proof) is more “believable”. People like to follow footsteps of other people.

Password protect your posts: Set a password for some of your popular posts or, even better, for a part of a post. Of course, you’ll need to let your readers know that in order to access this (and other) password protected content, they’ll need to subscribe to your list, and also let them know you’ll send them the password as soon as they subscribe.
You can also set up a special page that will display the password as soon as they subscribe.
There are several plugins that will get the job done; just search for “password protect” in your plugin directory and you’ll find quite a few.

Hold back: Write a post with a freebie and tell them how awesome it is but mention that they won’t see any of it until the subscribe.

Create a web-based newsletter repository: By putting an archive of all of your newsletter issues you can make it more appealing for your visitors to subscribe. You will also generate additional traffic from search engines.

Blog religiously: Blogging is a great way to communicate with your potential customers, and it creates a nice synergy with your email marketing. Be sure to include your newsletter sign up form on each page of your blog.

Create a Forum
A bit time-consuming, but a great way to brand yourself and get quite a few new subscribers to your list.


  • Let others reprint your newsletter, as long as its content is unmodified. Many webmasters and newsletter publishers are actively looking for high quality content, and if they reprint your newsletter, you will get new subscribers, traffic and links pointing to your site.
  • Add a QR code to your print marketing collateral that people can scan to opt in to your email database.

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