Jill Landrie Case Study

I’m always telling my friends that they can monetize any idea they have online! So a good friend, Jill, jumped into our weekly LIVE streaming so that we could build out her main website, her email platform, her first funnel, a freebie for lead attraction, her paid funnel for compensation and her brand board to make it all look tied together!

Her passion: Helping men and women and animals to get healthier using plant-based options.
Total time to launch her idea online: 5 days

The Brand Board

Jill had started a store that wasn’t quite hitting the mark and was spinning her wheels with some time wasting activities that we rectified right away.
One of the first holes we plugged was to create a brand board that everything else she builds will refer to.

Created using FREE Canva (Time: 30 minutes)

The Website: JillLandrie.com

Jill never setup a main website that could link to all the other things she was working on.

So we built a “brochure” website using Weebly which is the easiest CMS (content management system) on Earth to organize all of her links and passions in one place.

​Her free Cannabutter Guide, Talk Time and Store links are all in one place.

Created using Weebly (Time: 1 day)

The Freebie: Cannabutter Guide

No business should be operating without a focus on growing their email list.
“Your network is your net worth.”
“The Money is in the List.”
​1000 people on your list = $1000/month as a rule.

Giving your audience something free to consume is the easiest way to start earning wages online.

Created using Google Slides (Time: 60 minutes)

The First Funnel: Freebie Optin

Every marketing process includes funnels or landing pages which are separate from websites.

These pages guide your audience to do ONE THING and ONE THING only without distraction.

The most popular funnel software on earth is called ClickFunnels which handles funnels, memberships, affiliates and email marketing.

Created using ClickFunnels (Time: 1 day)

The Money Funnel: Paid Talk Time

The whole point of putting content online is to be compensated for your knowledge, time, passion, skills and efforts. Every man and woman has a right to earn wages.

Now that Jill’s audience is growing on a daily basis because of the freebie’s and content she is putting out, she can direct everyone to choose a paid time slot on her calendar to get information on plant-based medicine and solutions.

Created using Calendly & Stripe (Time: 60 minutes)

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