$8600, in 10 days w/one Marketing Challenge

So there we were, Jill & I, finishing up our work week on a Friday afternoon around 3pm CST. I blurted out “Why don’t we run a 5-Day Marketing Challenge next week starting on Monday?!?”

Jill: “Sure, let’s do it!”

At which point we raced the clock until about 6pm to make sure everything was updated, social media images were scheduled, emails were written…

Translation: We winged it and crossed our fingers for the weekend.

Fast forward 8 days and we had generated $3268 in 8 days with only 16 students.

50% went to Jill and I kept the other half. Not bad for a last minute decision without any time to promote.

Here is Jill’s PayPal screenshot:


And $8600 by day 10!

So how can this work for you?


Every time someone applies TheGoodwinMethod to their ideas, skills, knowledge, services, products etc. they see great results.


And since I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, I packaged my knowledge up for you so you can:

  • Follow an easy 5 phase formula
  • Fill the gaps in your marketing knowledge
  • Launch something online quickly to start growing your audience


We’ve done this challenge many times LIVE and now there are two versions recorded that you can start today.


Start the challenge today: Https://www.TheGoodwinMethod.com/challenge


Our graduates from last week get a highly coveted TGM certificate and can watch the replays over and over if they get stuck on their marketing.


We are excited to be helping so many people turn their profits into passions much more simply than they ever imagined!


Some of our students are monetizing:

  • Barrel horse racing business
  • Professional organizer business
  • CBD plant medicine business
  • Prepping/Gun/Survival business
  • Credit repair business
  • American State National website


Just to name a few.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a product, a service or just an idea…. TheGoodwinMethod turns on the money faucet time after time.


Take the challenge today, launch this month!



Virtually yours,

Jennifer & Jill

Take The 5 Day Marketing Challenge Today!

Follow Along One Day At A Time With Our 5-Day Challenge Plus Get Tons of Bonuses & A Telegram Support Group.

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