How To Edit Videos Like A Document

Hey, world!  I discovered an amazing video editing tool called Descript that lets us video challenged people to edit videos just like a google document or a word doc.


How To Edit Videos Like A Document


What?!? Yup! Once you have a video or audio file, you import it into Descript and like magic, the software creates a transcription that you can edit like this:


Delete a word in the transcript? It deletes that segment of the video at the same time. Whoa!


You can run through your whole video very easily and even chop it up into smaller segments by highlighting a few paragraphs of the transcript and choosing: Create new composition.


Oh. My. Gawd.!


It’s about time someone created something that is easy to use, unlike those video editing software nightmares that take a year to master and make you lose your hair!


Once you have a video added to Descript here are some best practices to get you going:


  1. Click the wrench icon and choose: Shorten Word Gaps (1.00 second) apply to all
  2. Click the wrench icon and choose: Remove Filler Words (I unselect all and only choose “um” & “uh”)
  3. You can highlight a word or words, right click and choose CORRECT (or click “e” on your keyboard)
  4. Want to voiceover a word or words? You can do that too. For example, let’s say you want to update a date that you mentioned or a price or maybe you said a word or name incorrectly… you can dub over the area that you want to update.


Here is a great starter video for you.

Want to get started with it?


Click here to check out Descript today!


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