Create New TikTok Video on Cell Phone

  • Make sure the video is under 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 3 minutes
  • Tiktok Max File size: 287.6 MB. For ads, the maximum is 500 MB.
  • Vertical videos work best on TikTok, but horizontal ones are also acceptable.

Step 1: Open cell phone app:

  • Click the new icon (looks like a plus sign)

  • Record your video by pressing the red button
  • Release red button when done
  • Click red check mark to continue
  • Click NEXT
  • Add a description to where it says: “Describe your video”
  • Add Hashtags
  • Optional: Tag friends
  • Optional: Add link (3rd part app links)
  • Under “More Options” Select Upload HD
  • Optional: Automatically share to: whatsapp, instagram, instagram stories, snapchat

NOTE: Before posting… we suggest adding a “thumbnail effect” called a COVER in TikTok.
Click the select cover area

Option 2: Uploading a video on cell phone (click here)

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