If you are an entrepreneur, then you have experienced business depression at least once.

It’s that feeling of dread you get when you don’t know which direction to go in.
That wondering if you are even worthy of moving forward.
Cringing at the thought of your peers seeing your stuff and if they do, what will they think or say?

Feeling like you are driving solo and wondering if ANYONE supports you…
Does anyone know you are alive and struggling?!?

You feel SO alone on this journey…and you question everything.

And yet you know that all it takes is something small to point you back into the right mindset because you’ve bounced back and forth so many times.

When does the seesaw stop? When does the stability arrive? Why is it so hard?

What if I told you that THEY don’t know what they are doing either?
What if ALL entrepreneurs feel the same way as you (we) do and it’s NOT what you see online or tv?

I guarantee you that we ALL feel that way.

So if you understand that all entrepreneurs share the same darkness that constantly wants to blow out our light…

Then does it hurt a little less? It should…you’re normal. The feelings are normal. The struggles are normal. The endless roller coaster of emotions are NORMAL…

Phew. You’re not insane.

Now, do you want to be different? Do you want to DO something different…

Then you have to understand all of the missing pieces. You need to be able to see the WHOLE picture before proceeding. I mean, who starts a 10,000 piece puzzle without looking at the picture on the box?!? Crazy people ha ha

Marketing actually DOES have a way to rise way up above the map and look down at all the roads. All the dead ends. All the paths and see where you need to go next so you can zoom back down to where you are and keep going with this new knowledge.

Sounds pretty amazing! Sounds like that spiritual eye people talk about when tapping into “source”! No, it’s not some crystal ball woowoo stuff. It’s not mind-altering drugs. It’s not some $50k inner circle…

Just consider me, a 23 year marketing veteran, THE SOURCE.

And I’ve produced the road-map over two decades of handling thousands of clients and projects.

The road-map is simply and quickly explained in a free video that hands over the BIG picture of marketing. Take it and you can move step-by-step closer to your goals every time you feel like hustling. It will give you the confidence to move forward armed and informed.

And when you don’t feel great about all of this, you will at least know where to pick back up when you do. It’s okay to have those hard days. It’s NOT okay for so-called guru’s to keep you stuck and then tell you it’s YOUR FAULT.

Here is the free road-map:

Go forth and do great things with your great gifts.

Virtually yours,

p.s. schedule a call if you need help: www.calendly.com/jennifergoodwin

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